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Forty years and counting! My Mother & Father started the tradition and I vowed to keep it going. Caruso's offers a private setting to try on wigs along with  a comfortable atmosphere. As with my mother, most of my clients come in due to medical reasons. I continue to offer the caring approach my mother had.

Mike Caruso

Over 40 years ago Mike Caruso and I each had our own shops, but in 1978 we merged our two businesses. Mike, in addition to being a barber, provided hair replacement for men. He had a great following. It was he who prompted me to offer wigs for women. He was getting calls all the time, but didn’t feel comfortable with women’s styles. I helped out one or two women, and continued to get calls. It was then that I realized the need for my services.

Today, Caruso’s Hair Replacement is a full service salon for men and women that specialize in wigs and hair pieces. Together with my sister Luanne, a barber for 36 years, we have been able to take over Mike’s side of the business. Being a hairdresser for so many years made the transition to fitting and selling wigs an easy one. My skills as a hairdresser enhance my ability to help the client select a color and style that is appropriate for them.

We stock many affordable options in a variety of colors and styles. Most women come to me for medical reasons. Hair loss can be devastating on top of everything else they are dealing with. Sometimes it is just naturally thinning hair that comes with age, other times it is the result of an illness or a side effect from medical treatments, such as chemotherapy. I also have clients that purchase wigs solely for fashion.

My clients are wonderful, courageous people and I feel blessed and humble to help them in their time of need. It gives me a great feeling when they leave my shop with a smile on their face.

- Chris Caruso

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